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Dreams Do Come True, Even for DreamsCloud

In dreams, people can escape to their past, present or future. They’re also allowed to imagine the “unimaginable” but what happens when that dream becomes a reality?

The visionary and founder behind DreamsCloud, Jean-Marc Emden, dreamt his current reality. “I dreamt of a place where people from around the world could share and discover their dreams, independent of spoken language barriers — based instead on the common language of dreams.  I wanted to build a place for humans to bring back a sense of humanity; that is what we have today!” 

The world has 7 billion daily dreamers, 3 billion internet users and 2 billion social media users: showing the world’s natural desire to embrace the ability to share experiences with each other. Dreams are such a personal and meaningful experience that it makes perfect sense to create a social media platform specifically for them.

Seeing his real-life dreams come true, Jean-Marc and the DreamsCloud team raised $2 million in the successful closing of the company’s Second Seeding Round. The funds will allow DreamsCloud to further develop its platform and the ability to provide an interactive community where users around the world can share their dreams. In the near future, DreamsCloud will open a new Growth Round.

The DreamsCloud family is also growing with the addition of renowned researcher Dr. Kate Niederhoffer, Chief Research Officer, who will lead a team of scientists to explore and study the intricate world of dreams.

There are amazing things still to come and the DreamsCloud team is excited to bring them to reality!

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