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Clinton Perfectly Sums Up How It Felt Casting Her Electoral College Vote Against Trump

Hillary Clinton admitted Tuesday that casting her Electoral College vote for Joe Biden to make him the next president ― and thus consign President Donald Trump to a one-term presidency ― felt “pretty poetic.”

Clinton beat Trump in the 2016 election popular vote by almost 3 million but lost the Electoral College vote. Her admission came in response to political pundit Alex Mohajer’s tweet that “the poetic justice” is “not at all lost on me.”

Clinton cast her vote Monday alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

She later tweeted a call for the Electoral College to be abolished.

The president should be selected “by the winner of the popular vote, same as every other office,” said Clinton:

Trump won the 2016 Electoral College vote, 306 to 232. After his victory, he repeatedly promoted baseless conspiracy theories about mass voter fraud and claimed to have won in a “landslide.”

Biden flipped the Electoral College result to win by the same margin this year.

In the 2020 popular vote, Biden received 81.2 million votes to Trump’s 74.2 million. Trump has refused to concede and had repeatedly falsely claimed that he actually won the election.

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