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CNN's Jim Acosta Asks Kayleigh McEnany A Scathing Question

CNN’s Jim Acosta has apparently had enough of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s disinformation tactics.

In fact, the White House correspondent called her out on Tuesday after McEnany criticized mainstream news outlets for downplaying the fact that federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden over tax issues.

“Really interesting turn of events, and good for those who covered what was a story all along and not Russian disinformation,” McEnany said in a jab at the media before walking from the podium without taking questions.

But Acosta refused to let McEnany get away without comment.

“Is it hypocritical to accuse others of spreading disinformation when you spread it every day?” he asked.

McEnany ignored him.

You can watch the testy remarks below.

Twitter users had strong opinions about the exchange.

But one person who appreciated Acosta’s question couldn’t help but question its timing.

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